Terms and Conditions

This website does not encourage or support the use of any of its products for any improper or illegal activity.  By placing any order from us the buyer warrants this website that the buyer is using the products for the proper purpose that complies with all applicable laws and regulations and will not utilize or market products for any illegal purpose.  This website reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is suspected of encouraging or engaging in any unlawful activity.  

By accepting these terms you also confirm that you have read the items description page word for word and performed the proper research including contacting your provider to make sure any model is accepted or compatible with your providers network.  Also, buyer confirms that they have made any attempt to ask any necessary questions for any clarifications you may have prior to purchase. For better clarification, by our definition, a new item is an item that is listed to come in unused condition in whatever packaging the manufacturer provides for a new unit but may not include any manufacturer warranty unless listed.  By definition, an item listed to be in refurbished condition is an item that may be pre-owned, or used with possible signs of use or cosmetic flaws and may have been refurbished/restored/rebuilt/etc to try and restore into working condition by the use of aftermarket parts or include aftermarket accessories and will include whatever accessories are listed on the items description page.  Some items testing is limited due to not having access to a particular cable providers network in our area to fully test it on so not all functions may be able to be tested.  Item will not come in manufacturer packaging or box of any kind unless stated otherwise.  

Buyer also understands that this website is not affiliated with or considered to be an "authorized re-seller" by any internet provider or manufacturer listed and is acting solely as a third party retailer/re-seller in good faith per the "First Sale Doctrine" and all logos and trademarks are the property of the companies listed and are provided in good faith strictly to be used for informative references for each product or provider listed and not to be confused to be affiliated or sanctioned directly with the company of the logo or trademark referenced.  As such, all quality controls and warranties are handled directly through Buyyourownmodem.com and not through any manufacturer or internet provider unless otherwise stated on the items description page.

Shipping Policy: We currently offer FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES, international shipping upon request only!Items are generally shipped out within 1-2 business days with tracking and are usually shipped via the USPS either regular or priority mail. We offer free standard shipping (3-10 business days) on all of our items, or one can purchase expedited shipping (2-4 business days) for an additional $9.99.  Please be advised that we cannot be responsible for issues that are considered as delays by the shipping carrier for matters that are out of our control. Signature delivery is not provided/required for delivery on our items unless the value is over $250 or buyer opts to pay for added signature service.

Privacy Policy: We hate spam too, so your privacy is a top priority to us which is why we never sell your info to third parties. Our payment processor is equipped with the latest security technology used by all the major retailers so you can checkout knowing your info is secured. We reserve the right to use any review info that is provided to us via our email review program to share/post on other third party websites for better exposure.

Cancellation Policy: Just like you, we don't like our time being wasted, so to encourage customers to do their research before placing orders and inflicting cost for both parties, there will be a $10 cancellation fee assessed to all cancelled orders that are due to buyer’s mistake or remorse. You can avoid this cancellation fee by simply replacing the order with a correct model of which we are happy to assist you with. We also reserve the right to cancel orders that may not be compatible with a customer’s cable provider according to the providers given approved modem list and geographic area, or any orders that may appear to be fraudulent. An order will also be charged the cancellation fee if buyer provides an invalid address or refuses a package to the shipping address provided by the buyer as to cover our shipping fees.

Tech Support Policy:
Having problems with installation is not a pleasant experience for anybody, so here at Buyyourownmodem.com we provide several different resources to assist you with making your installation as easy and painless as possible. It is important to understand that your best source for tech support will be to first work with your internet service provider as they are the ones who will have to activate the unit for you and can help troubleshoot many problems by telling you exactly what they see on their end. Next, please be sure to perform the due diligence by locating the items user guide that is provided on many of our items description pages as this will be your best resource straight from the manufacturer in assisting you in making sure the unit is installed correctly per the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is important that you do this to confirm if an item may possibly be defective as this is how the unit will be tested by us should you deem a return be necessary. Also, located at the bottom of many of our items description pages you will find product videos that will physically show you how to set up your item for those who prefer to see someone setting the item up in person.

Lastly, if you are not able to resolve your problem by using the resources that are provided to you then feel free to send us an email at help@buyyourownmodem.com and we would be happy to assist you further. Unfortunately these matters are not handled over the phone as we have found it much more efficient to send helpful troubleshooting documents and other helpful instructions via email and it helps organize any communication you have had with us so as to not have you start from from from the beginning again should you need to contact us more than once. We will provide basic tech support as some advanced tech support cases will have to be referred to a third party. Tech support is valid as long as the item is still covered under the warranty period.

If you need to return an item there are 2 ways to contact us. 1.) Simply login to your account, view the order using the "Complete Orders" link under the “My Account” menu and click the Return Item(s) button. We'll notify you via e-mail that the return request has been authorized and you will receive an email with instructions.                                                   

2.) Just simply respond to your "order confirmation" email that you received when you placed the order, or send us an email at HELP@BUYYOUROWNMODEM.COM and include your order number and reason for return and we will assist you with the return.  Return communication is carefully documented via email and as such WILL NOT be processed over the phone.  Buyer may be asked to provide proof of an attempt to contact us for return authorization via email in the event of a disputed transaction.

We have complete confidence in the items we sell, which is why WE OFFER ONE OF THE BEST WARRANTIES IN THE INDUSTRY!  

WE ACCEPT ALL RETURNS with the following terms and conditions pertaining to the warranty offers below:

 PLEASE NOTE: It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you follow any instructions provided to you for set up or troubleshooting as that is how it will be tested in the event of a return. We try our best to provide compatibility info for you for your specific provider, but be advised that it is the buyers responsibility to check with their provider before purchase to confirm that their provider will accept a specific model for their network as we will not be responsible for a provider refusing to activate a unit for you due to compatibility or policy issues.

Buyer pays return shipping unless otherwise authorized and may choose whatever shipping carrier they prefer, but buyer is responsible to make sure the item arrives back to us safely and undamaged before the 60 day or 6 month cutoff date to be processed in accordance with the warranty terms described below. Buyer also may be asked to provide return tracking info for any item that does not arrive back or is lost/damaged.  Buyer must have authorization for a return before sending the item back, and the item MUST be returned within the warranty time period it qualifies for as described in the warranty terms below, no exceptions! 

Refunds are processed within 30 days upon the item being successfully received back by us, however, in many cases you will receive a refund much faster than that.  This time period includes the transit time for us to receive your return from the shipper, the time it takes us to test and process your return once we receive it, and the time it takes your bank to process our refund credit back to you.

Basic Warranty Terms and Conditions: Applies to any item purchased from our website for the first 60 days from date of purchase. Buyer is given 2 options: Refunds are offered as an option with all returns being tested upon return and a 100% refund for defective items being given or a replacement of same item being issued.  Otherwise, if an item is returned and is not found to be defective after testing, then the customer will be subject to a 20-30% restocking fee (based on condition and all accessories being returned) and/or original shipping charges being withheld from refund and we reserve the right to not issue a replacement or provide further service for returned items that are found not to be defective.  If provider is trying to claim that they have ownership rights or that a unit is "previously registered" then a signed document/work order on provider letterhead validating such a claim is required from your provider in order to return for this reason. 

Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions:The warranty is offered directly through Buyyourownmodem.com and not through any provider or manufacturer of the product.  The extended warranty applies only to items that have the extended warranty offered on the items description page.  After the basic warranty term of 60 days and up to 1 YEAR from date of purchase, items that are defective ONLY may be returned for a replacement of the same item or item of equal or lesser value, no exceptions! If a replacement is not in stock, then an item of equal or greater value with the same or better specifications for the intended ISP will be provided.  Only 1 replacement item will be offered during the 1 YEAR warranty period based from original date of purchase.  No refunds, upgrades, or credits given after 60 days. Buyer is responsible for shipping the item back for replacement, and for having the replacement shipped to them.  Warranty terms are subject to change without notice due to unforeseen issues that may occur.  Please note that warranty conditions only apply to items paid at full website price without any coupon codes or discounts given as such will void any warranty provided since warranty is based off where full price is paid and will not apply where special discounts or offers are provided.