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How to Ditch Your Rented Modem and Buy Your Own

Daniel HowleyTechnology ReporterOctober 7, 2014 (Thinkstock)So you signed up for a new high-speed Internet service provider (ISP), and you discovered that said provider would happily send you the hardware (a “cable modem”) to get the Internet into your house. Maybe you heard that you could get your own modem, but you decided you might as well [...]

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Click or copy and paste link to view youtube video.Click and see why you should stop renting your Comcast modem!

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On Comcast? Buy Your Own Modem.

Is your New Year’s resolution to save money? Here.Comcast just raised their modem rental fees from $8 to $10, because apparently charging you too much for a modem costs more than it used to.If you’re on Comcast and don’t own your modem, you’re throwing away roughly $120 a year for no reason.I did a quick [...]

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Buy Your Cable Modem Instead of Renting It to Save $4-15 Per Month

When you sign up for cable Internet service, you need a modem. You’re often asked to choose between renting the modem from your Internet service provider for a monthly fee or buying it outright.If you’re already signed up for cable Internet service, you may see a “modem rental” fee on your monthly bill. You can [...]

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Comcast: Cable Modem Rentals Contribute More Than Olympics(Forbes)

Last week, I explained how Comcast’s (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and (NASDAQ:CMCSK) broadband customers who buy their own cable modem are earning 11% per month on their investment. I estimated that as much as 25% of Comcast’s net income might be vulnerable to the risk of their broadband customers buying their own cable modems instead of renting them. [...]

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Should you buy your own cable modem?Rob Pegoraro, Special for USA TODAY11:23 a.m. EDT August 18, 2013(Photo: Gene J. Puskar, AP)STORY HIGHLIGHTSCable modem rental fees are up to $10 a monthBuy your own modem to save installation costs Question: My Internet provider is increasing the rental fee for a cable modem. What are my alternatives?Answer. This [...]

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